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Watch S3-E02/03: Meet the MeatEaters


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S3-E02/03: Meet the MeatEaters

MeatEater: Season 3 (11 Episodes) • 41m

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  • S3-E04/05: First Timers: Montana Mule...

    In this two-part episode, television personality Joe Rogan and his best friend, comedian Bryan Callen, join Steven Rinella on a float trip for mule deer through the rugged Missouri Breaks, hunting and camping along the way. This is as adventurous of a first hunt as anyone could hope for, and Stev...

  • S3-E06: Skunk Pig: Mexico Javelina & ...

    While Steven Rinella has had multiple experiences with spot-and-stalk hunting for javelina, in this episode he’s shown an entirely new tactic when his buddy Remi Warren demonstrates how to use a predator call to bring the peccaries in at a full run. The results are surprising. After the hunt, the...

  • S3-E07: Swamp Stew: Michigan Bowfishing

    Steven Rinella returns to his cherished boyhood stomping grounds in Michigan’s Muskegon Marsh to bow-fish for sucker, bowfin, and gar. Along the way, he demonstrates the rich bounty of wild foods that can be found in this freshwater paradise. Featured meals are salt-packed sucker and fried gar.